These files are offered AS IS and each have licenses with in each file.
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LView Pro v 1.4

443 kb

  • This is a great graphics program to view pics with.

ICQ 2000a

6,300 kb

  • Not the lastest version of ICQ, but a good version and it does not have the ads that the newer versions have.  The latest versions are at 

Syn Edit

3,226 kb

  • A great editor for text, HTML, and a bunch of programing languages.  It will open multiple files at the same time and do extended search/replace for all open files.  The website mentioned in the help-about was hijacked and is now a porn site.


206 kb

  • A really simple FTP program.  This is version 4.04 but the latest version is available from Ipswitch.

Net Hack

196 kb

  • The greatest Dungeon game ever... text based and yet unmatched

Just click the title to download the file