At Arm's Length...

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With all of the traveling I do alone, I discovered that I am not getting too many photos of me at these cool places.  SO, when I was in Mississippi, I bought a disposable camera and decided to take some photos of myself.  This trend has continued from many of my travels and I still make some even when the group is around.

That is a battleship that was sank in the 
Mississippi River during the Civil War 

I purchased a small weather resistant camera for a Ski Trip to New Mexico Jan 2000.  It has made some great Arm Pics for me!!

Ski Colorado, 2001

Recognize Breckenridge in the distance??

Kristi (Mrs. Allsop) and I ride the ski lift in New Mexico 2000

Two weeks after skiing in New Mexico's 50 degrees afternoons,
 I make it to Massachusetts and got some real snow and cold weather.