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The Eyes have it

Here is my 2cents on email spam

This domain is not used for spam.  Please alert me if this is not the case.

Your External IP Address is:
Time: Paderborn: 04/27/18 03:25:02 am EDT - Okla Time: 04/27/18 03:25:02 am EDT

Welcome to my new website/domain, active for days.  As with all of my websites, this one is  constantly under development so new things will pop up from time to time.  I would love to hear some feedback about my site if it so inspires you.  Email me at and I will reply with my (name) address. (yes, that is a good address, the spammers dont like it though)

If you are really crafty, you can send me an email to "my name" at so if you think my name is Bill then it would be but obviously my name is not Bill.

The good ole hamstring injury / ankle injury

Photo from the Arms Length Gallery  

Check out my updated Movies/DVDs section... (Dec 2005


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Taken at a photo event hosted 5-22-2011 by Blackland Prairie Raptor Center.
These birds are rescues.
If you would like to find out more information or would like to donate, please visit their webiste at

Nokia n810 and iPod Touch

Here we have an Apple iPod and a Nokia n810.

To Begin with, this is not a phone, either one of them. Both can get on the internet, play MP3s, and just basically be really cool.

I will soon get a comparison up for the 2 toys.

Ross (left) is a great guy... he lets us come invade his house on special occasions, fires up the grill, and offers some of us an ice cold one.  Well, July 4th 2005 was one of those days... we got to watch the fire works from his deck.  I, of course, decided to pull out the ole cam and snap some dandy photos of the fireworks.  Now, patience viewers as I put 177 pictures up, and as all fireworks displays go, the better pictures are near the end.  Whats cool about this slide show is you can click on the "info" button and see the camera settings.

Naomi and I "stepped back in time for the time of our life" and went out to Scarborough Faire 2005 in April.  I got some nice photos (and some bummer ones on the cutting room floor here) of the event.  We both had fun and opted not to dress up in period clothing.  I, of course, had to indulge on the traditional turkey leg and Naomi went for the more modern "steak on a stick".  This was my 2nd trip out there and its bigger than before.  There are some neat photos of the hunting bird demo and the Joust, as well as just some "the camera was pointing that way" pics. 

At the lake


Nope, keeping both up and alive!


Yep,{my name} and both will get to me.

At the lake

Check out the Updated Movie section 
including my DVD Collection!

My long over due Lacrosse Page is under construction... 


  • information about lacrosse

  • Animated plays

  • Lacrosse Links

  • Lacrosse Photos 

My visit with the racoons 9/19/02

Look for these guys  


Americans have always rallied in times of need... 
now is one of those times again...

 April 19th, 1995 

September 11, 2001 


Groo is BACK and being published
 by Dark Horse Comics!! 
venom3.jpg (7899 bytes)

Check out my 
updated Venom Section!

That's me under the Venom mask!
Click to enlarge!

WARNING:  If you are on the internet, you are sending "snooping advertising companies" information about your internet habits with out your knowledge or consent!

Don't believe me? Download Adware from lavasoftUSA and see what it says about your system.  Most snooping stuff is not stopped/blocked by firewalls or routers and is not detected by virus scanners.

A few places to find your IP address 
WhatsMyIP - HostIP 
An IP Address will look like:
Omit any trailing periods

Download Netmeeting or ICQ 2000a

Here is my 2cents on email spam

Virus Alert-

 Everyday I am getting 2-4 emails with an attachment containing a virus.  The latest virus is a worm called W32/Klez.  The email comes from random places (spam) or from infected computers and infects your system with out you doing anything.  Once infected, the program sends the virus to people in your email address book.  **CHECK YOUR COMPUTER!  MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT INFECTED**  Make sure YOUR anti-virus checking software is updated.  

Do you get email from me?   The only attachments I will ever send are zip files, gif / jpg / bmp photos, or txt files.  I NEVER send EXE, DOC, BAT, or any other type of attachment.  If you get an attachment "from me" that is not listed above, do not open it and let me know my computer is sending out a virus. 
If you send me an attachment that is not a gif / jpg / bmp / txt file, then most likely I did not open it.

Anti-virus information:
(This is not a recommendation to use a product, just different sources of information)

  • Sophos - good description on what the virus does and infects.  I have not used this software.
  • Norton - this is what I have loaded on my system. It can catch the virus, just not clean it.  I recommend deleting any incoming email/attachment that has the virus.  Symantec has other tools in addition to their anti-virus program to help you delete infections. (not sure why these are not incorporated into the program)
  • Mcafee - More good information on what is going on

Winning tickets: 1 out of 5,734,122,240 (5 billion) possible tickets

There are
20 million people in Texas
272 million people in the USA (2000 Census)

My Photo Galleries are starting to fill up.  I have designed them with high speed connections in mind so those of you with modems, please be patient.  Check out if you need something faster

<IMG SRC="nonflash.gif" width=300 height=30 BORDER=0>

Arms length
photos, as seen in the reflection.

Your Computer's Security??

  •  See how your computer's security measures up.  Shields Up is a web site that will show you where you are vulnerable to hacker attacks.  There are also reviews of firewalls and security tutorials.

Someone is always trying to hack into a computer on the net.

What's protecting your system??

  • Need a free firewall?  Here is the one that everyone seems to like from Zone Labs.  Learn more about firewalls in stuff 101
  • Want to learn more about the hardware in your computer than you need to know?  Give Hardware Doctor a try!!